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Copy trade crypto.
Finestel connects to your exchange account via an API connection, copies trades from a trader's exchange account, and proportionally replicates them into multiple other exchange accounts. A real copy trading platform.
Is copy trading legal?
It depends on the regulations and laws of the country of your residence.image It is legal in most countries, but you better make sure to check before getting into it.
What's the difference between copy, social, and mirror qtrade crypto trading?
Social trading is like the general term for trading methods such as copy trading and mirror trading. Copy-trading refers to proportionally replicating copied traders' activities into other copy trader accounts. Mirror trading is usually for big market players and is done by brokers.image
How do I copy a crypto trader?
Create a Binance or KuCoin account, go to the API Management section of your account and create a trade-only API and use it to connect your exchange account to Finestel. Now just go ahead and copy a trader.
Is copy trading good for beginners?
Absolutely. Not only could you make the same profit as the copied trader, but also, you would have a real-time crypto trading demonstration.
Where can I copy trades?
Both on your current exchange account or Finestel PAMM account. You just need to connect your exchange account to Finestel and then copy a trader, and you'll receive all their trades in your exchange account.
How much do you need to copy trade?
Traders define a minimum investment on their Finestel profile which is the minimum value of your exchange account balance (in BTC or copy trading for crypto USDT) and copy crypto traders reddit must have to copy that trader; regardless of types of coins & tokens you're holding.
How much should I invest in best crypto copy trade platform copy trading?
Invest as much as you can afford to lose is the common saying you've probably heard in the crypto trading space. Risk-wise speaking, crypto copy trading is not much different from trading itself, so the rules are the same. Although you can lower your risk and elevate your return.

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